Attila’s story

Attila had a serious form of kidney failure, and he had to have a kidney transplant one year ago.

He is aware that he received a „second chance” from life, and wanted to live a health-focused life, which included sport (spinning, gym exercises and other forms of regular sports activities) as well as a continuous monitoring of his health data and body weight.

However, he struggled to lose a few extra kilos for life, and it seemed sport was not enough to achieve his ideal body weight.  He started using ALSAD to have a more balanced, well-planned diet considering all aspects such as nutrients, the „ideal” balance of fat/carb/proteins, as advised by professional dietitians. As ALSAD considers and calculates all this data when the menu is planned, Attila was able to follow and control his eating habits easier and more precisely.

At the end of the test period, Attila has achieved body weight near his „ideal” weight (after losing about 7 kilograms) without struggling with menu plans or feeling this has required too much effort and time from him. He received a tablet from ALSAD team to view and track his progress easily, and – if he wants – to share measurable results.