Personalised and automated dietary and lifestyle support?

Yes, it does exist.

Development and validation of an AI-based personalized, real-time support system for people with diabetes and/or kidney failure, based on the user’s individual health data.

Personalised and automated dietary and lifestyle support?

Yes, it does exist.

It is the ALSAD (Automated LifeStyle ADvice) application, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) to support kidney patients.

Tailored completely to your personal needs

In order to provide you the most appropriate dietary and content recommendations, ALSAD monitors continuously your health status. With the support of the application, you can easily configure and follow your dietary and life style goals and data.

My Condition

I understand my condition and its treatment, using the data of my own body, measured and analysed.

My Lifestyle

I can set the balance of healthy diet and regular physical activity.

My Diet

My diet is determined by my own condition: my height, my weight, my health data and health goals.

For whom do we recommend ALSAD?

ALSAD modulok

For Patients

Personalised Diet, Activity and Health Management, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Better patient compliance, data-driven support and patient education.


Extra services using digital health devices, cost efficient patient education, keeping the loyalty of the patient.


Knowledge Base

Validated, reliable medical content, useful information, recommendations from professionals.


Personalised, smart meal plan generation. Nutrition calculation of ingredients, recipes, daily menus, menu planning and logging.

Physical activity

Log physical activities manually or by using connected smart devices and trackers.

Multiplatform ALSAD


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Attila had a serious form of kidney failure, and he had to have a kidney transplant one year ago. He is aware that he received a „second chance” from life, and wanted to live a health-focused life, which included sport as well as …