Employee wellbeing: Body and Dietary Assessment with ALSAD at Bechtle Direkt

ALSAD Medical is supporting #employee #wellbeing and health management – at the right place, the office!

Our team visited Bechtle direct Kft.. Our session was part of the #corporatewellbeing programme. Topic was healthly diet and lifestyle, which was followed by a personal assessment, using the InBody device.

Our Dietitian Advisor, Erika Simon held a presentation titled „Shape it up”. It covered healthy lifestyle, misleading health messages or „body management hacks” which we better avoid to improve our health.

After this session employees of Bechtle could try our InBody measurement. Then they could discuss the results with our Dietitian expert. Personalised advice is key for best results. The Bechtle team members also received #ALSAD memberships, as a means of digital support to manage their diet and condition day by day.

The objective of our programme was to encourage everyone to achieve a better and more health-conscious and sustainable #worklifebalance for every employee of the company.