ALSAD Medical gets official approval from Association of Hungarian Dietitians

Another milestone is completed. The Association of Hungarian Dietitians confirmed that ALSAD content and services are compliant with their dietary standards, and they recommend ALSAD to support people with chronic conditions or people who wish to follow a sustainable, healthy diet.

ALSAD Medical is proud to announce that after a detailed audit, we received the official badge of the Association of Hungarian Dietitians. Our dietary content (ingredients, meal recipes, menu combinations/diets) contain validated nutritional information. ALSAD services are suitable for use by patients having chronic conditions like chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes (Adult Type2), obesity or the combination of these. Additional menu combinations can also be used for configuring a healthy diet as a preventative measure.

The expert team of senior dietitians have thoroughly checked our content and services. They confirmed we can use the official badge, which states that MDOSZ ( Association of Hungarian Dietitians) recommends the use of ALSAD for nutritional and dietary support, meal logging, diet management, and patient education in nutritional matters.

ALSAD Medical also intends to support registered dietitians. They can use ALSAD to support their clients in a safe, remote, digital manner. Dietitians can automate nutritional calculations, configure personalised menus and monitor patient status real time.