November is Diabetes Month – ALSAD for the diabetes community

This month is Diabetes Month. ALSAD offers specific support for diabetes patients.

ALSAD was developed in a way to have a holistic approach. Rather than focusing only on a particular task required for daily diabetes management, it provides a range of services. The application offers blood glucose logging, diet and weight management, setting dietary goals, managing meal calendars, monitoring physical activity or providing personalised patient education. ALSAD also links patients with health specialists and nutritionists.

People within the diabetes community for whom ALSAD could be a particularly good option:

1. Adult diabetes, type 2 (treated with appropriate diet, medicaments or insulin, or applying a combined therapy), especially for cases where diet has a key role in treatment
2. Diabetes combined to or associated with some kidney condition, either as a comorbidity or condition prior to diabetes diagnosis
3. People who have lab results near the diabetes range with significant obesity, but willing to prevent further development of diabetes and complications by lifestyle / behaviour changes.