Stay at home and boost your immune system – and we will get over this

Our immune system is the key to good health in fight against Covid19.

Therefore, you need to give your immune system some extra attention – no matter if you are generally health or if you have a chronic condition (which makes you extremely vulnerable if you get infected by coronavirus). Stay healthy during the days of lockdown.

A few lifestyle changes and new habits can naturally keep your immune system strong and healthy:

  • Wash yourhands (importance of this was discovered by a Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis)
  • Eat a balanced diet (Maintain a healthy weight)
  • Exercise regularly (measure with smartwatch, tracker).
  • Get enough sleep (measure with smartwatch, tracker)
  • Don’t smoke (protect your lungs in any possible ways)
  • Try to minimize stress (measure with smartwatch)

How can ALSAD help you in these routines?

  • A healthy diet: ALSAD can support you with automated menu generation. Manual menu configuration is also an option – ALSAD gives you detailed nutritional information whichever option you choose: it also shows how it complies with your dietary goals and preferences
  • Regular exercise: ALSAD has an entire library of indoor exercise sessions, compiled by professional physiotherapists. Choose your favourite from the videos available on our Youtube channel.
  • Manage your weight: ALSAD can help this self-management, building a complex programme to maintain, lose or gain weight.  Use it!
  • Get information about yourself: ALSAD has integrated popular health trackers to make it easy to track your sleep, your activities or some measurable health parameters.
  • Stay informed: ALSAD’s knowledge base can provide you up-to-date health-related information, tailored to your medical condition. Remember: in our system the content finds the user- and this content always comes from trustworthy sources!

…and last but not least: please, stay at home if you can, bear with social distancing for a while, especially if you have a particular health condition to manage, conditions like diabetes, kidney failure or respiratory problems. People with these conditions are particularly vulnerable and therefore need to be extra cautious for a while.

Digital health solutions can give you support otherwise doctors and dietetians can give during a personal meeting – going virtual can protect both patients and medical professionals – their role is more important than ever and need to focus on emergency cases.